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Our Real Estate Law Firm Is Available for Consultation on Matters in Indiana and Florida

The de la Torre Law Office LLC provides efficient and effective legal representation in all areas of commercial real estate law. Our seasoned and dedicated attorneys represent corporations, business owners, commercial property managers, land or property developers, builders, franchisors, franchisees, business lessees and lessors throughout the states of Indiana and Florida.

Areas of Commercial Real Estate Practice

Our law practice is experienced in all aspects of commercial real estate law. The de la Torre Law Office LLC offers efficient legal solutions that keep your legal costs fair and reasonable. Our law firm handles the following areas of commercial real estate in the states of Indiana and Florida:

  • Building permits
  • Boundary disputes
  • Construction bids, contracts, and negotiations
  • Contractor /Sub-contractor agreements and enforcement actions
  • Easement rights
  • Easement disputes
  • Eminent domain issues, representation and negotiation
  • Environmental impacts
  • Financing agreements and negotiations
  • Land contracts and lease option agreements
  • Landlord / Tenant issues and evictions
  • Land use issues
  • Lease, Lease-purchase agreements and negotiations
  • Real estate business disputes
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Real estate purchase offers
  • Real estate sales and purchase agreements and negotiations
  • Zoning changes, regulations, and zoning issues

The de la Torre Law Office LLC strives to ensure that your financial interests are protected. Our legal professionals’ primary goal is to ensure that our clients’ commercial real estate transactions are concluded successfully and trouble-free. We will protect your interests by identifying, addressing, and minimizing the risks of serious and potentially damaging issues on your property such as:

  • Liens
  • Undisclosed liens
  • Land use controversies
  • Zoning issues
  • Defects in title
  • Environmental problems

The transactional processes involved with the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate have substantial and numerous financial risks. It is advisable that you retain the qualified and detail-oriented commercial real estate attorneys to protect your financial interests. Our law firm assists you by identifying, reducing and seeking to eliminate the risks and potential financial pitfalls in your commercial real estate transaction.

Our Commercial Real Estate Litigation Practice

The de la Torre Law Office LLC employs a client-centric approach in commercial real estate litigation. Our attorneys will present you with all of your legal options. We will advise you and present you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your case. Should your case require litigation, our attorneys will be thoroughly prepared for trial and we will strongly advocate for your interests. In the event there are opportunities to obtain a favorable outcome while reducing your legal fees, our attorneys will certainly make you aware of these options. If you are seeking a team of experienced litigators who will represent you in plaintiff’s litigation, regardless of the opposition, our attorneys are here for you.

Whether you are seeking representation as a litigant in a plaintiff or defense case, our firm can assist you. Our commercial real estate litigation services encompasses:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Breach of real estate agreements
  • Defective titles
  • Disclosure and defects
  • Eminent domain
  • Land use or zoning issues or permit denials
  • Lease evictions
  • Litigation appeals
  • Property development lawsuits
  • Property rights and property usage rights
  • Real estate investor disputes
  • Real estate partnership disputes
  • Real estate venture disputes or dissolutions
  • Sales contract disputes
  • Title insurance claims
  • Title transfer issues

If you or your business is seeking dedicated legal representation for commercial real estate legal needs, contact The de la Torre Law Office LLC for your initial consultation.

Why Choose The de la Torre Law Office LLC

The de la Torre Law Office LLC takes pride in the numerous achievements and accolades received for quality legal representation, authoritative legal knowledge and ethics.

A few of our exceptional achievements include: authoring and co-authoring numerous legal publications, serving as speakers for a variety of associations, awards from various organizations, and serving the legal community through multiple appointments and service programs.

The attorneys at The de la Torre Law Office LLC offer the skillful legal representation touted by large law firms coupled with the personalized attention of a boutique law firm.

This vast range of legal work experience enables The de la Torre Law Office LLC to provide individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and international corporations with qualified and personalized legal services to address your critical legal needs. To best serve our clientele, our firm has attorneys on staff who are fluent in Spanish.

When you retain The de la Torre Law Office LLC, we will guide you through the complex legal and business challenges efficiently and effectively. As a client, you can expect that you will receive exceptional service and care throughout the commercial real estate transaction, negotiation, or litigation process.

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