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Our Firm Has Experienced Attorneys Who Handle Social Security Disability Federal District Court Cases

The de la Torre Law Office LLC has a boutique appellate practice that handles cases at the district court level and beyond for Social Security Disability (“SSD”) appeals litigation. The de la Torre Law Office LLC represents individuals in federal district court who are seeking to file a federal appeal on the basis that the Social Security Administration improperly denied their disability benefits. The de la Torre Law Office LLC assists individuals as well as attorneys and non-attorney representatives who need an experienced SSD appeals attorney to represent their client’s interests in federal court.

The de la Torre Law Office LLC primary goal is to help you to get the benefits you are entitled to receive – regardless of whether your application for SSD benefits has been previously denied by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or the Agency’s Appeals Council.

What You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Appeals in Federal District Courts

If you have received a denial of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, it is time to contact The de la Torre Law Office LLC for legal help. Our law firm is skilled and experienced in SSD appeals, including appeals representation in the federal court system.

If you received a denial of benefits letter from the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration, you must file your appeal in federal court within 60 days, or you will not be able to file an appeal. Filing an appeal in federal court is very important and protects your legal rights. At this point, you need a skilled attorney familiar with the appeals process and formalities of social security as well as appellate trial experience.

Ignoring your denial of benefits on the hope that you can file a new application is generally not a good option. Appealing your SSD denial is the only available opportunity to secure your original filing date. Contact The de la Torre Law Office LLC to file your appeal for Social Security Disability benefits. Our firm will file your appeal, and this will help preserve your original application date. This is important because if we are successful in winning your SSD appeal, you may recover benefits spanning from your original file date.

Should You Retain an Attorney or a Non-Attorney Representative for Your District Court Appeal?

There are several misconceptions regarding the use of attorneys or non-attorney representatives in the pursuit of Social Security Disability benefits. Whether you are working with an attorney or an SSD advocate (non-attorney representative), you should be represented by an attorney when litigating an appeal in federal court. Federal courts have specific requirements and admissions processes in place to be qualified to litigate an appeal in federal court. These requirements may often disqualify both non-attorneys and some attorneys who have not met the criteria to litigate SSD appeals in a specific federal court, where your case would need to be filed. These criteria and special credentials are why many SSD attorneys and non-attorney representatives refer their SSD benefits clientele to our law firm. Our attorneys represent their clients in both Appeals Council appeals and federal court appeals.

Our Attorneys Are Available Throughout the Midwest and in Florida for Your SSD Appeal

The attorneys of The de la Torre Law Office LLC focus their SSD law practice on representing those individuals in the federal district courts who need a judicial review of a Social Security Administration’s improper decision that denied them disability benefits. The de la Torre Law Office LLC typically seeks their fees under the “Equal Access to Justice Act,” otherwise known EAJA, as well as statutory fees under 42 U.S.C. § 406(b). Once The de la Torre Law Office LLC has successfully reversed the Social Security Administration’s improper decision in federal appeals court, the claimant returns to their original Social Security Disability attorney or non-attorney representative for the “remand action,” where the Social Security Administration will give you a second opportunity to obtain your disability benefits spanning from the date when you originally filed your application.

The de la Torre Law Office LLC has a regional district court SSD appeals practice and is admitted in all the district courts within the Seventh (7th) Circuit, including Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Our attorneys assist both other Social Security Disability attorneys as well as Social Security Disability non-attorney representatives who want an experienced Social Security Disability appeals attorney to represent their client in the litigation, briefing, and oral arguments at the district court level.

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