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Our Wills, Trusts and Estate Plan Attorneys Serve Clients in Indiana and Florida

The de la Torre Law Office LLC offers skilled and cost-efficient estate planning legal services in both Indiana and Florida. Our detail-oriented and caring estate planning attorneys represent families and individuals in all areas of estate planning and administering. When you choose The de la Torre Law Office LLC, you and your family can be confident that your estate planning affairs will be comprehensive, durable and aligned with your requisite requirements.

The de la Torre Law Office LLC understands how much the planning of your estate means to you and your beneficiaries. Our estate planning lawyers work meticulously and advise you of a wide range of possible scenarios in order to create the estate plan that is best tailored to your special needs and desires.

Our Law Firm Offers Effective Estate Plans

The de la Torre Law Office LLC has experience with effective estate plans. An effective estate plan has many benefits. For example, it:

  1. Enables you to prearrange the automatic transition of your property and assets upon your passing.
  2. Prevents your property and assets from being held up in the court system.
  3. Legally shields your heirs from costly, burdensome tax consequences.
  4. Provides a safe avenue for transferring funds to charities, children, friends or your spouse.
  5. Maintains the continual ownership and operations of your family business.
  6. Empowers you to make decisions during your life that will help ensure proper representation and decision-making on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

Estate Planning Check-Ups Are Essential

The estate planning attorneys at The de la Torre Law Office LLC realize that many estate plans need an update. Life events and changes in circumstance happen periodically. Therefore, it is essential that you review your existing estate plan with your attorney and that you review your newly drafted estate plan with us before an anticipated life change and after the occurrence of key life events. However, even without such life changes, your estate plan should have a checkup every few years to ensure that it is up-to-date and is still the estate plan best tailored to your needs and those of your family. The de la Torre Law Office LLC is available for consultation to review your existing estate plan, and we offer periodic “check-up” consultations to our estate planning clients.

The Key Estate Planning Elements

When you retain the services of The de la Torre Law Office LLC, our legal professionals will advise and guide you through the array of legal complexities in the often-changing landscape of estate planning in order to help you protect your property, funds, and to preserve your family’s legacy.

  • A Last Will and Testament is a document that expresses precisely how you want to distribute your funds, property, and assets upon your passing. Also, a Will is used to designate which guardian or guardians you prefer to care for your minor children. If you pass without a valid Will, you lose the right to choose guardianship of your minor children and your right to distribute your assets to specific beneficiaries. Your estate becomes subject to your state’s probate laws and the appointment of a guardian over your minor children becomes a decision made without your direct guidance.
  • There are many types of Trusts available for use in an estate plan. A Trust is a private document and separate legal entity. The Trust is created to hold and distribute ownership of funds, assets, and property. One of the chief benefits of setting up a Trust is that Trusts are private documents and Trusts do not need to be filed with your state’s probate court. A Trust is commonly used as a legal instrument to avoid the complex, time intensive and potentially costly probate process. One of the most popular Trusts that The de la Torre Law Office LLC assists clients with is called a Revocable Living Trust. In a Revocable Living Trust, you can assign yourself as the “trustee” giving you complete control and access to the Trust while you are living. Then, upon your passing, a new trustee that you have previously determined and documented is named passing the access and control of the Trust to that person.

The Full Estate Planning Package

Regardless of whether a will-based plan or a trust-based plan is a better fit for your particular circumstances, The de la Torre Law Office LLC provides, as part of your estate planning package, key legal instruments that are part a successful estate plan:

  • A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants the person of your choosing the right to carry out financial, business and legal matters on your behalf should you be unable to be present and handle these matters yourself. For example, a Power of Attorney could be used to grant a family member the ability to make financial decisions for you while you are out of the country. Adding a family member to a bank account could create a taxable event. Therefore, a Power of Attorney enables you to accomplish the same financial tasks while avoiding unnecessary tax consequences and the potential liabilities associated with having multiple individuals titled on your bank accounts.
  • One of the most personal rights that a person has is the right to choose your healthcare decisions before your incapacitation. If you are in a coma, on life support, or have sustained any other medical incapacity, you can document your wishes in advance to assist your loved ones in these emotionally-charged situations. A Living Will lifts the burden from the shoulders of your loved ones and prevents your loved ones from feeling a lifetime of guilt and doubt in making complex decisions on your behalf.
  • With this document, you can authorize the release of protected health information to third parties, under the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

We understand how much peace of mind means to you and your loved ones. We offer various estate planning packages for our clients to provide the preparation of wills and trusts tailored to our clients’ needs while honoring their budgetary expectations. You can learn more about the services provided by the legal professionals of The de la Torre Law Office LLC in the preparation of wills, trusts, and estate plans here.

Probate and Trust Administration

Our legal professionals provide cost-effective and efficient legal representation in the settling of the affairs of an individual’s estate after they have passed away. The de la Torre Law Office LLC assists the executor or personal representative and beneficiaries with the complexities of estate administration and the probate process. You can learn more about the probate and trust administration services provided by the attorneys of The de la Torre Law Office LLC here.

The de la Torre Law Office LLC can assist you in every aspect of your estate matters, from creating wills to forming your trust to representing you in your loved ones in a probate of an estate matter or in the administration of a trust.

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