Social Security Wait Times Remain Long

As of February 2018, the average wait time for a hearing decision is 600 days. There are many reasons that have contributed to this long wait time, but, regardless, the wait times are long despite Agency and congressional efforts.

The five SSA Hearing offices with the longest wait time are: (1) National Hearing Center in Chicago, Illinois; (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; (3) San Juan, Puerto Rico; (4) Buffalo, New York; and, (5) New York City, New York.

The five SSA hearing offices with the shortest wait time are: (1) Houston, Texas (North); (2) Boston, Massachusetts; (3) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; (4) Providence, Rhode Island; and (5) Manchester, New Hampshire.

Knowing how long your wait time is helpful to understanding all of your options. To check the SSA’s Average Wait Time Until Hearing Held Report, please visit

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